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Bedding Holiday Gift Guide: Any Sleeper’s Dream Come True

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This holiday season, why not give your loved ones the sweetest dreams imaginable? Wrap them in luxury with premium bedding from DreamFit®! Our bedsheets, mattress protectors, and adjustable pillows are the gifts that keep on giving, night after night. 


Our exceptional range of American crafted bedding products boast the best cooling bed sheets, chilliest mattress protectors, and most adjustable pillows on the market. Imagine drifting into a blissful slumber cocooned in the softest, most breathable sheets, and giving these sweet sleeping environments to everyone in the family. DreamFit makes every night a magical escape into a world of comfort!


For the sweaty sleeper, the toss-and-turn sleeper, and anyone in between, DreamFit’s products cater to all. Experience the joy of waking up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to seize the day from the moment you get out of bed! If that sounds like a dream come true to you, start shopping our sheet sets, mattress protectors, and pillows now.


So, spread the love and joy this holiday season with DreamFit bedding, because the gift of a good night’s sleep is the most precious of all! To find the perfect fit for your family members and friends, read along in this month’s blog for our Bedding Holiday Gift Guide:

For the Toss-and-Turner 

Sheets with Straps that Stay On

Do you know someone (hint, hint…your partner?) that tosses and turns all night long? If so, you know how tiresome it is to tuck in the fitted sheet every morning after sleeping with the Toss-and-Turner Sleeper. Enter DreamFit's revolutionary bed sheets with the strongest corner bands! 


Perfect for the restless sleeper, these sheets are equipped with sturdy bands on the corners of the fitted sheet that grip the mattress like a champ. Say goodbye to the frustrating midnight tangle and hello to uninterrupted, blissful slumber. Each sheet set option from DreamFit features these patented 1.5” silicone lined, corner bands. Crafted with precision and designed for practicality, DreamFit's fitted sheets are guaranteed to fit and stay on your mattress. The Toss-and-Turner’s restless nights have just met their match!

For the Hot Sleeper

DreamChill Collection

Do sweaty nights and stained pillows sound familiar? Some sleepers have excessive body heat during their sleep cycle that can be hard to manage. With our DreamChill Collection of maximum cooling technologies and fabrics, sweaty nights can be a thing of the past!


Our DreamChill™ collection of premium bedding includes cooling bed sheets, a mattress protector that delivers a soothing chill, and customizable pillows that you can adjust the height of. Make the Hot Sleeper’s dream come true by gifting them an item from our DreamChill™ Collection, which includes everything you need to build the chilliest bed from head to toe!


Cooling Bamboo Sheets

The top seller among our most cooling bed sheets are our Enhanced Bamboo™ sheet set. Our bamboo sheets are crisp, cooling, and ultra comfortable. This sheet set makes a great gift that any hot sleeper would love! The benefits of bamboo sheets are the naturally cooling abilities, moisture moving technology, and durable softness. 


Our Enhanced Bamboo sheets are elevated in their cooling performance with the combination of Long Staple cotton. The long fibers make these best selling sheets one of the most durable on the market and grow softer after every wash. 


Another advantage of our bamboo sheets enhanced with Long Staple cotton are the moisture-managing qualities and antimicrobial properties. So even the hottest of sleepers can rest assured in knowing their bed stays clean from irritants and bacteria with the protective abilities of a bamboo sheet set from DreamFit. Hot sleepers will love the lightness and cooling qualities of DreamFit’s Enhanced Bamboo™ Sheet Set! 

For the “King and Queen” Sleepers

100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

For those accustomed to the feeling of crisp and opulent bedsheets, our 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets offer a touch of luxury reminiscent of a 5-star hotel experience – a true Christmas miracle for your sleep sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of 100% Egyptian Cotton, a fabric renowned for its legendary softness, unparalleled durability ensuring sheets that endure, and exceptional breathability.


The extensive, robust fibers of this sheet set boldly defy pilling and fraying, setting a new standard for premium softness and enduring comfort with its Extra-Long Staple fibers. This holiday season, gift the "luxury" sleeper in your life the indulgence of DreamFit's 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets, where warmth meets sophistication.

For the Achy Sleeper

DreamFit Quattro Adjustable Pillow

Deck the halls with customization, performance, and complete peace of mind! Our Quattro Adjustable Pillow is here to sleigh the game in comfort. With four merry removable inserts, you'll be able to find the perfect level of support for your neck and head - even if your preferences change each night.


This customizable pillow comes with a jolly assortment of inserts: two low-profile MemoryFiber™ inserts for a subtle snuggle, one moderate-profile MemoryFiber insert for a balanced sensation, and one high-profile MemoryFiber insert for an extra plushy embrace! Whether you're dreaming of a gentle cushion or aiming for the stars with a firm feel, our adjustable pillow offers four levels of perfection to choose from.


'Tis the season of comfort and joy! Easily switch up your support by removing and rearranging the MemoryFiber™ inserts until you find your favorite comfort level. The DreamFit Quattro Adjustable Pillow is the gift that keeps on giving - night after night!

For the Sweaty Sleeper

DreamChill Mattress Protector

In a 2023 comparison of cooling bedding wonders, our DreamChill™ Mattress Protector clinched the title of the chilliest on the market! Crafted with our top-notch cooling technologies, StaKool™ and StaDry™, these frosty formulas are the secrets sprinkled all over our DreamChill™ Collection!


Our most chilling mattress protector not only whisks away excess body heat, it's a guardian against sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites, and other pesky irritants from hiding in your mattress! So not only will the Sweaty Sleeper in your life experience the sweet relief of their new mattress protector that cools, their bedtime haven will become a cleaner, cozier wonderland! 


This holiday season, gift the frosty freshness of DreamFit's DreamChill™ Mattress Protector. Let the cool vibes flow, and bring comfort and joy to every dreamer's slumber.


StaDry Sheet Set - Ideal for environmentally conscious sleep enthusiasts who prioritize sustainability.

Unwrap the gift of a drier, healthier slumber this holiday season for the Sweaty Sleeper you know! Our incredible StaDry™ technology is like a sleep superhero, actively swooping in to capture, whisk away, and release body moisture at lightning speed—up to 3x faster than the others!


With StaDry™, it's all about the holiday magic of breathability for a chill, cozy feel, ultra-soft goodness that'll make you believe in bedtime miracles, easy-breezy wash and wrinkle-free care, and durability that stands strong through dreamy adventures! Fun Fact: One of DreamFit's sustainable practices is the use of a fabric, called Repreve in their StaDry Microfiber Sheet Set. Repreve’s high-quality fibers are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. They are also certified and traceable. 


This holiday, let the StaDry Sheet Set take the lead in creating a sleep haven that's fresher, cooler, and comfier than ever before for the sweaty sleeper in your life. And for your sustainable family member, this gift just got a bit more thoughtful. 

Give the Gift of DreamFit

This holiday season, give the gift of ultimate comfort and style with DreamFit's luxury bedding options. It's the key to turning any bedroom into a Christmas wish come true! Use this guide to plan accordingly. We wish you a very happy holiday season from the DreamFit family to yours!

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