Guaranteed to stay on

DreamFlex elastic bands guarantee that your sheets stay on

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The Dreamfit Difference

Luxury Sizing

Our luxury-sized sheets give you that extra tuck-in even on the deepest mattresses.

Secure Fit

Corner bands and 360 degree elastic keep your sheets in place while creating a tailored fit.

Thoughtful Details

Our corner bands are color-coded so you never have to guess which side is the long side again.

What Defines a Really Great Sheet?


Comfortable, soft in touch, of course fit perfectly on the bed, and amazing in all ways.


I finally found sheets with generous pocket depth and sheet lengths for that extra tuck in that I have been searching for. The sheets are amazingly soft and feel so wonderful. I am a really picky sleeper, so for me to find these sheets, I am thrilled.


I love my sheets! They are so soft and durable.