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Bringing back our best seller, our Quilted Sheet Ensemble: When a blanket is too much, and a sheet is not quite enough.™

Are you someone who loves the coziness of a quilted blanket but finds it a bit too heavy for a good night's sleep? Or perhaps you prefer not sleeping with a top sheet and just a blanket. This sheet set offers the lightness of a top sheet with the warmth and comfort of a light weight blanket, all in one. 


Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this ensemble is specially designed to cater to the needs of the discerning sleeper who craves the perfect balance between lightness and snugness. Our full sheet set includes a fitted flat sheet with our signature corner bands, two reversible pillow shams (one side decorative and the other side standard pillowcase), and the star of the show – the top quilted sheet. 

The top quilted sheet features a classic decorative stitch, adding a touch of elegance and style to your bedding. Meanwhile, the bottom of the sheet is thoughtfully crafted with our best-selling Enhanced Bamboo fabric. The combination of the decorative quilt and our ultra soft enhanced bamboo offers a unique and delightful sleeping experience. 

Enhanced Bamboo is renowned for its incredible softness, making bedtime a true pleasure. Not only that, but it also offers a natural cooling effect, ensuring you stay comfortably cool throughout the night, no matter the season. 

No need to fret about complicated cleaning instructions either. Our Quilted Sheet Ensemble is designed to be low-maintenance and can be easily washed at home, retaining its premium quality and feel after every wash. 

Not only does our Quilted Sheet Ensemble feature a quilted top sheet with a classic decorative stitch, but we've also paid attention to every detail, right down to the pillowcases! We understand the importance of a restful sleep, and that's why we've designed our pillowcases with your comfort in mind. 

Our pillowcases boast the same beautiful decorative quilted pattern as the top sheet on one side, adding a touch of sophistication and ease of making your bed. When you're ready to rest your head and indulge in the softness of our Enhanced Bamboo fabric, simply flip the pillow over effortlessly.  

With this thoughtful design, you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds – the visual appeal of the quilted pattern during the day and the soothing comfort of Enhanced Bamboo at night. It's like having two pillowcases in one, a decorative, put together look, providing you with versatility and a seamless transition from a decorative accent to a sleep-enhancing haven. 

Discover the perfect harmony of style and comfort with our Quilted Sheet Ensemble, where every element is crafted to elevate your sleep experience to a whole new level. Embrace the luxurious feel of Enhanced Bamboo, relish in the quilted beauty during the day, and enjoy a blissful night's sleep on the smooth side – all in one exquisite set. Your sleep sanctuary awaits! 

The Feel: Silky-smooth with a touch of stretch for added comfort. 

The Look: A delightful mix between the soft and flowing drape of bamboo, with a crisp and more structured appearance. 

Q:  What is the fitted sheet pocked depth of your Quilted Sheet Se? 

A:  Our fitted sheet pocked depth is 16.5”.

Q: What is your thread count of your sheet fabrics? 

A: The thread count for our Enhanced Bamboo™ is 300.  

Q: Can we purchase just the fitted sheet?

A: All our sheets are sold in sets that include: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and one to two pillowcases depending on size ordered.

Q: How do the FirstFit® straps work?

A: The corner straps on our sheets are color-coded. One set of corner straps are dark and the other light. The matching corners go on the top and bottom corners of your mattress. It does not matter whether you choose the dark or light set to go on the top side. 

Q: Do your sheets fit on adjustable beds?

A: Our sheets are designed to stay on any bed, even adjustable ones. 

Q: Do your sheets wrinkle?

A: Like any natural fiber products, your sheets may wrinkle. We have chosen not to add an anti-wrinkle filler into our fabrics at this time. Check out our care guide for more information. 

Q: What is the warranty on your sheets?

A: We take great pride in the expertise of our manufacturing team and our craftsmanship. We provide a one year warranty on all of our sheets. If your sheets rip or tear in the first year, simply let us know and we will replace the product free of charge.

Q. Can I get standard pillowcases with our King set?

All sets are packed by size, no substitutions.  Customer can purchase a stand alone/add on pair standard pillowcases if they want to. 

Q: Do sheet sets include pillowcases?

A: Our sheet sets do include pillowcases! Each set will come with two pillowcases; standard size for Queen and smaller size sets and King for all variations of King and Cal King sizes. Twin and Twin XL size sheet sets only contain one pillowcase. 

Q: Where are your sheets made? 

A: Almost all of our sheets and all of our pillowcases and protectors are manufactured here in the US. We have manufacturing facilities in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The only product manufactured abroad is our microfiber sheet line.

Q. How do I launder my sheets/protector?

Please refer to our online care guide.  Wash in cold/cool water, no liquid fabric softener, no bleach or whiteners of any kind. Do not wash with other laundry items. Dry on lowest heat setting, no dryer sheets. Do no wash with other laundry items. 

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Why are DreamFit sheets the best sheets for the modern sleeper? 

1️⃣  Our No-Slip Corner Bands, enhanced with silicone provide the most secure fit on your bed, allowing you to never have to worry about the corner coming off in the middle of the night.  

2️⃣  Our FirstFit Corner bands are color coded bands that easily help you identify the head and the foot of the sheet, allowing you to never have to worry about putting your fitted sheet on sideways. (You're welcome.)

3️⃣ Our DreamFit 360 elastic around the bottom of the fitted sheet allows for a more tailored and secure fit. Our fitted sheet elastics are 20X plus stronger than the industry standard.

4️⃣ Our extra-long, extra wide luxury sizing enhances sleeping comfort allowing for a relaxed fit and plenty of length on your flat sheet to tuck in.