Sheets For Sleeper Sofas

A Partnership with American Leather

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Sheets That Fit American Leather Sleep Sofas

DreamFit has partnered with American Leather, a Dallas based custom furniture maker, to introduce a tailored sheet program for the entire American Leather sleeper sofa line. Enjoy the practicality of our patented no-slip silicone corner bands, specifically designed to fit your sleeper sofa perfectly, paired with the luxuriousness of our DreamChill™ Enhanced Bamboo™ sheet sets. This moisture-managing fabric incorporates the strength of extra long staple cotton to bring you the softness of DreamFit’s sheets you know and love. 

Features You'll Love

Sheets With Corner Bands

With each band meticulously crafted to correspond with sofa sizes, finding the perfect fit has never been easier.

FirstFit™ Color Coded Bands

Discover effortless coordination with DreamFit's color-coded bands tailored specifically for American Leather sleeper sofas.

Sized for American Leather Sofas

Experience the perfect fit for your American Leather sleeper sofa with DreamFit's tailored sheet program, crafted in partnership with the renowned Dallas-based custom furniture maker.

Elevate Your American Leather Sleeper Sofa Experience

Introducing DreamFit's Tailored Sheets

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