Collection: Pillows

Adjustable and Cooling Pillows
Modern sleepers are becoming more aware of the impact sleep has on our daily lives, whether it’s good or bad. One truth about sleep is that it is different for everyone. We all have different needs and preferences when it comes to our mattress, sheets, and pillows. We have uncovered a lack of customization in the bedding industry (particularly with pillows), and we offer our line of pillows to cater to EVERYONE’S specific sleeping experience!

Most of the pillows in our American-crafted collection are stuffed with up to four individually encased inserts of varying degrees of fill that can be added or removed from the cover. This customization gives you options of pillow height, thickness, and support! Not only is the support level of your DreamFit pillow customizable, cooling capabilities exists in our pillows as well! Imagine the feeling of the cool side of your pillow lasting all night long!