You've got questions... we've got answers.

Customer service is and will always be a major priority in our company. Whether you have questions on any of our products or wish to return an item (we hope this isn't the case) we are always standing by. 

Will you sell just the fitted sheet?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not sell our fitted sheets independently of our sheet sets. Customers are unable to purchase just the fitted sheet.

What is unique about DreamFit sheets? 

Our sheets are guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to stay on your mattress, even if you sleep on an adjustable or split mattress. 

Where are your sheets made?

Almost all of our sheets and all of our pillowcases and protectors are manufactured here in the US. We have manufacturing facilities in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The only product manufactured abroad is our microfiber sheet line.

How do the FirstFit® straps work?

The corner straps on our sheets are color-coded. One set of corner straps are dark and the other light. The matching corners go on the top and bottom corners of your mattress. It does not matter whether you choose the dark or light set to go on the top side. 

How deep are your fitted sheets?

All of our fitted sheets are at least 15 inches deep, and many are 17 inches deep. That is deep enough to fit even the thickest mattresses. Please refer to our sizing details

Do your sheets fit on adjustable beds?

Our sheets are designed to stay on any bed, even adjustable ones. 

How do I launder my sheets?

Our care guide can be found here.

Do your sheets wrinkle?

Like any natural fiber products, your sheets may wrinkle. We have chosen not to add an anti-wrinkle filler into our fabrics at this time. Check out our care guide for more information. 

What is the warranty on your sheets?

We take great pride in the expertise of our manufacturing team and our craftsmanship. We provide a one year warranty on all of our sheets. If your sheets rip or tear in the first year, simply let us know and we will replace the product free of charge.