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Fan Favorite Fabrics: What to Love About Cooling Bed Sheets

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When it comes to a good night's sleep, the right bedding for each sleeper can make all the difference. Choosing the perfect fabric can enhance your slumber and transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort. At DreamFit, we realize this dream of the perfect sleep varies from person to person. That is why one of our biggest missions is to provide the best bedding for every type of sleeper, including cooling bed sheets, adjustable pillows, and luxury sheet sizing. In this guide, we'll explore the wonders of Bamboo, Egyptian cotton, Long Staple cotton, and Pima cotton bed sheets and why they are favorites among various types of sleepers.

Bamboo Sheets: Cooling Comfort for a Restful Slumber

Bamboo sheets have taken the bedding world by storm, and for good reason. Made from the fibers of the bamboo plant and woven into viscose, these cooling bed sheets are renowned for their exceptional softness and unique cooling properties.

DreamFit’s Enhanced Bamboo sheet set is infused with our innovative cooling technology as well as with long staple cotton. These durable long staple cotton fibers give our best selling bed sheets strength to withstand time and grow softer with every wash.


Why Bamboo Sheets are a Favorite:

  1. Thermoregulation: Bamboo sheets are highly breathable and wick away moisture, making them ideal for hot sleepers and warm climates. They keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is a sustainable resource, known for its rapid growth and minimal environmental impact. Opting for bamboo sheets is a conscious choice for those who prioritize eco-friendliness.
  3. Hypoallergenic: Bamboo sheets naturally repel dust mites and other allergens, making them an excellent choice for allergy sufferers - especially during the winter months.

100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets: Luxurious and Durable

Egyptian cotton is synonymous with opulence and is favored by those who seek the highest quality in their bedding. It's sourced from the Gossypium Barbadense plant, known for producing exceptionally long fibers. Say goodbye to sheets that continuously pill and fray, wash after wash. These long fibers found in our 100% Egyptian Cotton sheet set are resistant to pilling and fraying!


Why Egyptian Cotton Sheets are a Favorite:

  1. Long Staple Fibers: The length of the fibers in Egyptian cotton is what sets it apart. These long fibers create incredibly soft, strong, and durable sheets that only get softer and comfier with time.
  2. Breathable and Absorbent: Egyptian cotton naturally wicks away moisture and allows air to circulate, providing a comfortable sleep environment year-round.
  3. Luxurious Feel: The silky smooth texture of Egyptian cotton sheets adds a touch of luxury to your bed, ensuring a restful and indulgent night's sleep.

Long Staple Cotton: The Understated Elegance

Long staple cotton is a term that encompasses a variety of cotton varieties with extra-long fibers. These fibers are a hallmark of quality and are cherished for their softness and durability.

    Why Long Staple Cotton Sheets are a Favorite:
    1. Durability: The longer fibers in long staple cotton are less likely to break or pill, resulting in sheets that maintain their integrity and quality over time.
    2. Softness: The extended fibers contribute to a softer, smoother feel against your skin, ensuring a comfortable and inviting sleep experience with 100% Long Staple Cotton bed sheets.
    3. Breathable: Similar to Egyptian cotton, Long Staple cotton allows air to flow freely, preventing excessive heat buildup and ensuring a cool and breathable sleep surface.

    Pima Cotton: The American Classic

    Pima cotton is a type of extra-long staple cotton that is primarily grown in the United States. It's celebrated for its quality and luxurious feel for premium bedding.


    Why Pima Cotton Sheets are a Favorite:

    1. Supreme Softness: Pima cotton boasts a superior softness that rivals that of Egyptian cotton. This makes for a sumptuous and inviting bed that beckons you to unwind and relax.
    2. Resilient: The long fibers of Pima cotton contribute to its resiliency, ensuring that your sheets remain in impeccable condition even after multiple washes.
    3. Absorbent: Our Pima Cotton sheet set features the natural breathability of this fabric to help regulate your body temperature, making it a comfortable sheet set for year-round use.

    The right bedding fabric can significantly impact the quality of your sleep. Whether you opt for the cooling comfort of bamboo, the luxurious feel of Egyptian or Pima cotton, or the enduring quality of Long Staple cotton, you're investing in a more restful and rejuvenating slumber. Remember, quality bedding is an investment in your well-being and overall health.

    If you're seeking the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and durability, look no further than DreamFit's premium bed sheets. Plus, find these favorite fabrics for bed sheets in the elegant, modern colors you love! We recently introduced Sage as our newest color, which is now available in all sheet sets! Our innovative use of these fabrics ensures a superior sleep experience that you'll cherish night after night. Sweet dreams!

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