Thread Count Has Very Little to Do With Luxurious Sheets

Thread Count Has Very Little to Do With Luxurious Sheets

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One of the most important pieces of information that I have learned as a researcher is that unless there is a large government controlled penalty for publishing something that is absolutely false, then almost anyone can say anything. And for those of us that really like knowing the truth without all the fluff and the exaggeration, sometimes that can be VERY DIFFICULT.

Thread count in regards to linens somehow became a cash cow for the textile industry. In the 60s and 70s, nothing was listed higher than a 180 thread count. And here’s an obvious observation: fabric and thread count cannot possibly improve over 2000% in the last fifty years.

So why do some of us think that thread count is the answer to luxury? We at DreamFit have struggled with this dilemma for quite awhile because textiles are what we are all about. We understand why thread count has been exaggerated, but wow, the advertising arm of untruths is a powerful beast.

I often go to Consumer Reports and publications in that same genre for trusted unbiased ways to explain common misconceptions that I write about. Izabela Rutkowski’s Consumer Reports article “Higher thread count doesn’t guarantee better sheets” confirms that a higher thread count doesn't guarantee better sheets. What is Thread Count?

According to Pat Slaven, a textile expert for Consumer Reports, “Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Not long ago, sheets typically had thread counts of 120 with 60 horizontal and 60 vertical threads.

So why is it that we see 1,000 thread count sheets but it is virtually impossible get that many threads on a loom?

To get that higher number, manufacturers use thinner strands of fabric twisted together as if they were one. Then they double, triple or even quadruple the thread count to make the number more attractive to the consumer. “It ups the count but doesn’t give you a better sheet,” says Slaven. “The sweet spot is 400.”

According to Consumer Reports most recent sheet test, the top-scoring sheet had a thread count of only 280. “Spending money on sheets that have more than a 400 thread count is not necessary,” says Slaven.” Instead, focus on the fabric the sheets are made of. Combed cotton, Egyptian cotton, or Pima cotton are the best choices. Read the labels closely.”

Daily Mail's January 2017 Investigation, "The Truth About Posh Sheets and Thread Count" agrees, “the term ‘thread count’ refers to the idea that the more threads they cram in, the more luxurious the sheet.” Supposedly.

Some manufacturers count the strands that make up an individual thread as additional threads, meaning a thread count of 600 might really be just 300 double-ply threads.

Other factors include finish and tightness of weave. For example, sateen is cotton yarn woven like satin for a lustrous sheen, while percale is a closely woven thread-count of more than 200.

So, the reality is thread count is a great advertising gimmick but it doesn’t mean anything in the world of comfort and what feels best to you. Softness and durability are actually the result of fabric woven with high quality long cotton fibers and extra long fibers. Super high thread counts will cause the cotton fabric to lose its breathability and coolness. Don't fall for it!!

At DreamFit, we want you to love our sheets. Period. We want your bedtime experience to be all that a luxurious night should be which is one of the reasons we have so many choices and so many different textures and types of beautiful sheets. All of our cotton sheets are woven with the highest quality extra long stable fibers from around the world to insure silky soft and durable comfort.

We pride ourselves in our quality and commitment to beautiful soft sheets that stay put and stay soft and beautiful. Thread count is just a very small part of our intricate research and design. And now you know why. We aren’t afraid of honesty because honestly, our sheets don’t need anything other than one luxurious night of sleep and you will understand exactly why we are as successful as we are. Don’t just trust us; try us.

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