The Five Secrets to Luxurious Hotel Bedding Around the World

The Five Secrets to Luxurious Hotel Bedding Around the World

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The DreamFit gang recently spent some time in Las Vegas for one of our favorite convention and markets. It got us thinking, “What makes a great hotel bed and where are the best of the best?” As we put our heads together and our travel experience to work, we realized that most all of these secrets populate most of the best hotels in the world

Secret One: The White Bed

Westin’s Iconic White Heavenly Bed

According to We Found The ONE Reason Why Your Hotel Bed Is So Perfect in the Huffington Post, the Westin’s Heavenly Beds started one of the most luxurious trends in hotel bedding: the all white ensemble. Before these decadent clouds of heaven arrived in the travel industry, hotels “mostly used colored bedspreads, which were easier to keep clean.” However, after seeing the overwhelming results of a test market, the Westin decorators knew they had stumbled onto something.

“Visually, the idea of the white bed is important,” said Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton hotels. “Something about an all-white bed connotes luxury and a good night’s sleep.”

And luxurious hotels around the world have picked up on the simplicity and the luxe of the all white palette. The Hilton, Ritz Carlton, and Four Seasons are just a few of the most decadent hotels in the world that use all white bedding.

Secret Two: A Third Sheet

According to How to Make A Hotel Bed At Home , Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton offers a secret twist that both hotel chains do: “There are three sheets,” says Hoover. “That way, you’re always touching a sheet. It’s a really plush bed.” Layer your bed with a flat sheet, a middle sheet and a fitted sheet and slip into that same level of deep sleep that seems to exist only in a hotel room.

Secret Three: The Perfect Pillow

The Liason’s “Select Your Pillow” Extra

In ABC’s Good Morning America series Best. Hotel. Beds. Ever, The Liason Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. has the Affinia Bed topped with the Sealy Posturepedic Plush Sleep System, but the guests love an equally plush extra even more: selecting the pillow best suited for their sleep habits. According to a spokesperson for the hotel, “Guests can also choose a unique pillow from six different options, such as a natural buckwheat version, a memory-foam pillow or one with therapeutic magnets.”

Secret Four: Mattresses That Seem to Improve Your Aches and Pains

Hotel Rivington’s Tempur-Pedic Mattress

New York City’s Hotel on Rivington has Tempur-Pedic mattresses in every room at the hotel. Guests describe the mattresses as “form-fitting, weight-distributing sponges created just for you.” And according to Not only are these mattresses designed to adjust with your movement — whether you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or all three — in order to maintain proper spinal alignment, but they are also designed to relieve pain at key pressure points. Other hotels that use these ergonomic miracles: the Catalina Hotel, The Gallery Inn, and Cap Maison Resort & Spa.

Also in New York City, The Radisson Martinique on Broadway provides Sleep Number Beds with over “100 different levels that range between incredibly firm and featherbed soft.” And if you are lucky enough to be cuddling in New York City and in this piece of perfection: each side of the bed can be adjusted to a different number. Other hotels that use Sleep Number Beds: Bayfront Inn 5th Ave; Domain Hotel, and Joie de Vivre Hotel.

Secret Five: Feather Toppers

Miraval’s Feather Topper Beds

The signature featherbeds at the W San Francisco (and at all of the W hotels) are designed by Simmons to relieve pressure points with its special Visco Memory Foam. The Miraval’s bed which guests have called “a bag of marshmallows,” gets its softness from an ultra-fluffy feather topper as well. You’ll also find them in Marriott hotel rooms and in their stores for purchase.

Now that we have let you in on what we believe to be the five secrets to luxury and rest, here is one last added bonus if you want to mimic the same feelings of opulence in your own home: come back and visit our next blog: Design Tips from the World’s Favorite Resorts and Hotels.

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