The Five Best Bedroom Design Tips From the World’s Best Hotel Decorators

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As many of us remember, “There was a time when hotel-y was…everything you wouldn’t want your home to be, unless you were prone to nervous fits.” Or complete boredom. Or moments of nonexistent taste. But then according to Travel and Leisure’s “The Art of Bringing Hotel Design Ideas Home,” “Under the likes of Andrée Putman, Philippe Starck, and Kit Kemp, hotel design suddenly became interesting design: a cunning mix of form and function that guests could respectably try at home.”

Now, we can’t get enough of imitating resort style bedrooms and bathrooms. It is no longer just nice staying in a hotel for a few days, it’s not an reinvigorating jumpstart to a burst of redesign at home. And here we are, The Design Hotel Era.


  1. Bring In At Least Three Textures

Plush Cashmere Stools, Sleek Lacquered Bedside Tables, and a Natural Focus Wall


Jay Jeffers, author of Collected Cool and designer behind the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Lake Tahoe believes that “One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to get the high-end, collected-over-time look of a boutique hotel is with the accessories you use.”


And specifically Jeffers in Design Tips from the World’s Best Hotels recommends bringing in at least three different types of textures in the accessories. His three favorite textures to mimic lush hotel decor? using something plush, something sleek, and something natural .


  1. Pick Lighting That Doubles as Art

Pottery Barn’s Capiz Flushmount, 199.00

Many designers believe in this minimalistic decorative trend, items should perform at least two jobs and Jeffers believes that light fixtures as art is a perfect example, “ Lights can do double-duty, brightening the room while catching your attention.” He suggests that you “try hanging three pendants at varying heights in a corner of the room, or buying side table lamps with sculptural bases” And as far as overhead lighting goes? He writes, “try a rock crystal style over the classic chandelier or uber-trendy star pendant.”


  1. Add a Different Kind of Mirror


Mirrored Bedside Tables With Decluttered Decor and a Focus Wall


At Congress Hall in Cape May, New Jersey, Colleen Bashaw, the resort’s interior designer recommends mirrors, but not just any type of mirror: “We’ve all heard that the bigger the mirror, the more spacious a room feels, but modern hotels are going beyond hanging them on the walls and mirrored dressers and side tables are becoming much more mainstream.”

  1. Declutter Furniture and Trinkets

A Decluttered Room With a Focus Wall

Shirley Robinson recently spearheaded a major renovation to Solage Calistoga, a luxury resort and spa located in Napa Valley. As principal of San Francisco and St. Helena-based Robinson Finishes, she’s also worked on many private homes. Robinson keeps her advice as simple as her luxurious rooms: “Edit” Robinson told The Today Show in its “Eight Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Like A Luxury Hotel” segment, “When you go into any hotel, it always has very minimal pieces.”

For furniture specifically, she believes that only the necessary pieces should be part of a resting nesting bedroom decor.


For accessories like framed pictures, knick-knacks, and bedside decor, she reminds us again that less is more when she points out, “You can bring things out on different occasions,” she says. “But when you take away items, you make the room look larger and cleaner.”


  1. Create a Focus Wall


Robinson suggests painting three walls in one color and then opting for a darker more dramatic hue or wallpaper for the fourth, which should also be the wall in which the master bedroom’s headboard is on. This simple trick can “ automatically brings instantaneous glamour into a room.”


Ready to Give One of These A Try? All of Them? Have Something Else in Mind?


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