The Perfect Sheets for the Perfect Mattress

The Perfect Sheets for the Perfect Mattress

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Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the morning and find the corners of your fitted sheet rumpled up under your pillow, or wrapped around your feet? Me, too! And, should you really have to break a nail fighting to get the corners of your fitted sheet over the mattress? Reminds me of the last time I tried to wriggle into a pair of control top panty hose!

Over the years, mattress constructions have evolved, becoming much more conforming. And, have you seen how thick these mattresses are? Talk about the Princess and the Pea! Yet, in spite of the evolution of today’s mattresses, most sheets are still constructed the way they were 30 years ago! Instead of complimenting today’s thicker more conforming mattresses, these outdated sheet designs seem to fight against you and your mattress!

Except for DreamFit sheets. DreamFit sheets were created to perfectly fit and compliment today’s more advanced mattress constructions. All DreamFit sheets are luxury-sized, meaning the fitted sheet will always fit just right. The corners are cut extra deep to fit nicely over the corners of practically any height mattress. The elastic that is used in DreamFit fitted sheets is actually four times wider and 20 times stronger than the industry standard. To make things even better, DreamFit fitted sheets have four corner bands that fit under the mattress. The corner bands guarantee that your fitted sheet will never come off – until you decide to take it off.

As an added bonus, the top sheet is 10% wider and longer than a typical flat sheet. This insures a great tuck and plenty of coverage while sleeping.

DreamFit sheets come with a one year limited warranty and are the only sheets that are Guaranteed to Fit, and Guaranteed to stay on.

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