Sleep Chilled All Night with our DreamChill™ Collection

Stay Cool and Sleep Well: Harnessing the Power of Cooling Bed Sheets and Mattress Protectors

Cooling sheets and mattress protectors

As the hot summer months approach, getting a good night's sleep can become a challenge, especially for those who tend to sleep hot. However, with the right bedding accessories, such as our DreamChill Collection of cooling bed sheets, mattress protectors and pillow protectors, you can turn your bed into a chilled oasis and enjoy restful sleep even during scorching nights. In this blog post, we will explore the power of cooling technologies used in sheets, pillow protectors, and mattress protectors, along with the benefits of pairing them together, to create the ultimate sleep system for hot sleepers.

StaKool™ Mineral Technology: Accelerated Heat Absorption and Release

One of the key components of the cooling technologies utilized in these bedding accessories is the innovative StaKool™ mineral technology. It serves a dual purpose: first, it facilitates the rapid absorption of additional body heat, preventing it from building up and causing discomfort. Secondly, it captures and releases excessive body heat, helping to maintain a cooler sleeping environment throughout the night. This technology ensures that hot sleepers stay comfortable and undisturbed, even on the warmest nights.

StaDry™ Technology: Moisture Management for Healthy Sleep

Excessive moisture accumulation during sleep can be a common problem, leading to discomfort and even potential health issues. To combat this, the cooling bedding accessories incorporate StaDry™ technology. This advanced moisture management system captures moisture produced by the body and effectively moves it away from the skin. By promoting better air circulation and moisture evaporation, StaDry™ technology helps create a healthier sleep environment, reducing the chances of waking up feeling clammy or sticky.

Our DreamChill™ Collection Offers Maximum Cooling Comfort

To experience the full benefits of cooling bedding, it is recommended to pair the DreamChill™ Mattress Protector with our DreamChill™ Bamboo Sheet Set and DreamChill™ Pillow Protectors/Covers. These products are designed to enhance the chilling experience further. By combining the power of StaKool™ mineral technology and StaDry™ technology, the DreamChill™ collection delivers maximum cooling comfort. With their unique cooling properties, these accessories help hot sleepers maintain an optimal sleep temperature, allowing for uninterrupted and rejuvenating rest.

Completing the ultimate sleep system for hot sleepers are the Enhanced Bamboo sheets. 

Made from bamboo fibers, these sheets possess natural cooling properties that can contribute to a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience. Bamboo fibers have excellent breathability, allowing air to circulate and dissipate heat efficiently.

Additionally, bamboo sheets are known for their moisture-wicking capabilities, pulling away moisture from the body and promoting a drier sleeping environment. By combining the Enhanced Bamboo sheets with the DreamChill™ mattress protector and pillow protector, you can create a comprehensive sleep system that keeps you cool and dry throughout the night.

Don't let the heat of summer disrupt your sleep any longer. Embrace the power of cooling bed sheets and mattress protectors that incorporate advanced technologies such as StaKool™ mineral technology and StaDry™ technology. Sleeping on this chilly collection,  you can create the perfect sleep system that prioritizes maximum cooling comfort. Experience the joy of a dry, healthy, and refreshing sleep, allowing you to wake up each morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day, no matter how hot the summer gets.