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Are Eucalyptus Sheets Safe for My Pet?

Are Eucalyptus Sheets Safe for My Pet?adjustable sheets

If you are a pet owner, you know what it is like to want to make smart purchases for things around the house. A big question in today’s bedding industry is the health of pets around eucalyptus fabrics, such as sheets, pillow cases, and blankets you love to cuddle up next to your pet with.

At DreamFit™, we offer several products that use a Eucalyptus blend in the fabrics and you may be wondering if these are a good fit for you and your furry loved one. We can promise you that our craftsmanship and processing of these Eucalyptus sheets and pillows are indeed 100% safe for your pet!

Read more in this month’s blog about the uses of Eucalyptus and the ways it can be harmful to your pet, as well as how our Eucalyptus bedding products are in fact safe for your pets at home.

What Makes Eucalyptus Toxic for Animals?

Did you know koalas are the primary animal that can safely eat and digest Eucalyptus trees? For most animals, Eucalyptus leaves are toxic in their natural state or when exposed to Eucalyptus in the form of oil. Dogs and cats will stay away from the scent of Eucalyptus because they sense it is toxic. The leaves and oils from this plant are what pose a danger to our pets. It is recommended to always check with your vet about which essential oils are safe to use in your home around your pets.

Are Sheets with Eucalyptus Safe for Dogs and Cats?

The reason why DreamFit™ Eucalyptus blends in our sheets and other bedding products are not toxic to dogs and cats is due to our manufacturing process. At DreamFit™, we handcraft our sheets in America. This ensures quality and safety behind each of our sheet sets, pillows, and mattress protectors. To manufacture our unique Eucalyptus blend, we use only the safest elements of the plant: the wood pulp. Our sheets, pillow cases, and mattress protectors are not made with any part of the Eucalyptus leaves or oils. We use the wood pulp from the Eucalyptus plant to make our naturally cooling sheets and pillows. Wood pulp from Eucalyptus and its processing is not toxic to dogs, cats, or other animals.

What are the Benefits of Eucalyptus Sheets and Pillows?

Eucalyptus sheets and pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, meaning they keep odors, dust mites, mold, mildew and pollen away so there is less irritation while getting much needed Zzzs. Not only do they offer hygienic benefits - they also provide a soft yet supportive surface which makes them snugly luxurious!

Whether you’re a hot sleeper, are tired of old sheets, or have pets in the house, switching out your current sheet set and pillows with DreamFit™ Eucalyptus fabrics could create major improvements in your life overall. Our sleep experts recommend giving our Eucalyptus blended products a try so that you can experience a cooler night’s rest during the hot weather months.

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Discover Cooling Sheets & Pillows with DreamFit’s™ Eucalyptus Blend

Our innovative mission to bring better sleep to today’s dreamers is supported by our advanced cooling technology  found in the fabrics of our premium bedding products. The two technologies we use in our products are StaKool™ and StaDry™ to capture, move, and release excess body moisture and heat, providing you with a clean and cool sleeping environment. We employ Eucalyptus wood pulp in some of our products, such as our pillow covers and mattress protectors, to make our technologies have cooling capabilities by nature.

Eucalyptus provides a cooling effect naturally, giving our bedding products with this mineral blend a premier ability to regulate any sleeper’s body temperature. Plus, by choosing to use natural elements in our bedding products, we can provide you with a safe, chemical-free sleeping environment - for you and your pet! The pillow covers, mattress protectors, and mattress encasements can all be easily removed and washed to keep your bed fresh and clean. Start sleeping safely, clean, and comfortable with our best sheet sets and more.