DreamFit Degrees of Comfort vs Deceptive Thread Counts

DreamFit Degrees of Comfort vs Deceptive Thread Counts

At DreamFit, we categorize our sheets into Degrees on purpose: To steer clear of the thread count illusion. It is sad to say, but the thread count “story” has devolved (in many cases) into a marketing scheme designed to focus the consumer’s attention onto deceptively high thread counts at unrealistically low prices.

The best cotton thread to use is extra long-staple or long staple, single ply yarn. That is how all DreamFit cotton sheets are constructed. These high quality yarns result in the softest, most breathable, and most durable sheets on the market. Many sheet manufacturers will wrap multiple plys around one thread and count each ply as a thread. That creates a deceptive thread count. (See illustration). It also creates very thick threads that will pop and pill, similar to what happens with a piece of binder twine. Manufacturers do this in order to “beef up” a lower quality, shorter staple cotton strand.

A good rule of thumb is this: Always buy DreamFit! DreamFit cotton sheets are made from long-staple, or extra long-staple cotton of the highest quality. We use combed cotton, high quality Pima and Supima cotton, and Egpytian cotton. Our yarns are all single ply yarns that result in sheets that are naturally soft, breathable and extremely durable.

All DreamFit sheets have a wonderfully soft, sateen finish – and the softness just gets better with each washing. AND, DreamFit sheets have a one year limited warranty.

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