100% Long Staple Cotton Pillow Case set of 2, DreamComfort™ Collection

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Color White
Size Standard
100% Long Staple Cotton Size Guide

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Introducing our DreamComfort™ 100% Long Staple Cotton Sheet Set—an enduring testament to timeless quality. Crafted from resilient long staple cotton, these sheets are designed to withstand the trials of time while maintaining their unparalleled strength.

As these sheets age gracefully, the strong fibers of long staple cotton become even more luxuriously soft, evolving with each wash. Say goodbye to concerns about pilling or fraying, as these sheets are built to uphold their pristine condition wash after wash.

Embrace the lasting strength and enduring softness of our DreamComfort™ Long Staple Cotton Sheet Set—a testament to quality that only improves with time, ensuring nights of uninterrupted comfort and coziness.

  • The natural softness of long staple cotton.
  • Enduring softness that grows softer over time.
  • Strong fibers that are pill and fray resistant.

Material: 100% Cotton