Thanksgiving Decor: A Dreamy Fall Update For Your Bedroom

Thanksgiving Decor: A Dreamy Fall Update For Your Bedroom

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Thanksgiving Decor: A Dreamy Fall Update for Your Bedroom

Now that the crispness of the autumn season has arrived (fashionably late, I might add), football is in full swing, and the kids are finally in the groove of the school year, it finally feels like time to bring some fall flair to the decor of our homes. While many of us look forward to decorating for the seasons, we often overlook our bedrooms. And considering we spend more time in our bedrooms than any other room, why should the rest of our house get all the special treatment?

DreamFit prides ourselves on luxury, comfort, and classic styles. With that, we believe that your bedroom should be your retreat, a moment of luxury, a time to escape, and a place to unwind. We also think it is a perfect place to cuddle and well, fall and cuddling go together about as perfectly as pumpkin and spice!

This week we have scoured the shopping world and are excited to share with you these cozy, affordable, trendy quick fall fixes for a beautiful and simple bedroom makeover that is sure to promote cuddling under our DreamFit sheets!

First, Here’s Some Basic Seasonal Bedroom Decorating Tips

Bedrooms are ultimately for sleeping. Yes, we have turned them into offices, libraries, movie theaters, and entertainment meccas, but ultimately, your bedroom should promote rest. If you want to keep your brain active, what do you do? Stimulate it. If you want to stay awake, all of that ruckus in your bedroom acts the same way: as a stimulus.

Have you ever seen someone all decked out for an event and you just thought that they had way too much going on? Fashion and decor follow the same types of trends and swings. And for a long time, the more stuff, the merrier. But now, less is more. Simplicity is key and for a bedroom oasis? A necessity.

So while it may be tempting to go overboard with orange and black and leaves and turkeys, my strong advice? Walk slowly away from the gauzy mummy wrap and battery operated talking turkeys. Stay within the same color palate of your existing colors in your bedroom. There’s nothing more elegant than seasonal decor that blends with what you have. Drawing attention to the seamlessness of your additions is the goal not screaming “Look at the neon orange scattered all over the room!”

Most fashionistas will tell you they spend hours trying to achieve that effortless look. Decorating is the same way especially in a bedroom where relaxation and comfort are key.

With fall and holiday decor, greenery and foliage seem to be staples of the affordable “quick fixes.” However, in a bedroom, greenery and foliage, whether fake or real, need to be limited if not completely eliminated. Nothing brings allergies and restless sleep like dusty cheap bundles of leaves or rotting pumpkins. I love to use fresh greenery in my house for Christmas. I am notorious for standing around waiting for people to get their Christmas trees trimmed up and grabbing their leftover branches, but I refrain from using the real stuff in my bedroom every year. I also love beautiful tall leggy floral arrangements, but again, I keep things simple and airy in my bedroom. My brain has enough going on; the last thing it needs is the distraction of too much seasonal clutter.

So, without further ado,

let’s FALL into these steals and deals that will allow us to stay near our same color palate and keep the seasonal elements simple and cuddly!

  • A Plaid Throw Draped at the Foot of the Bed

DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Throw Gray and BrownBoth of the these throws are a steal at 29.99 and come in beautiful colors that mimic a fall stroll in the park both on the ground and in the sky. I especially love the blue in the second picture. These are not skimpy in size and texture and can be ordered online or at your local World Market.DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Throw

I have been a part of several photo shoots in homes and one of the absolute favorite tricks of decorators in order to mimic a homey look is a throw. And they throw those throws everywhere! I have seen throws in practically every room of the house. But nothing has the warmth and comfort of the season like a plaid blanket folded at the foot of a bed. Many times we purchase things just for appearances or guests (“Mom, Jack just used the soap we aren’t supposed to use and wiped his hands on the towel that is just for grandma!”) but these are functional and beautiful enough for daily use, decor, and enjoyment.

And again, no orange or colors that clash with your already existing pieces!

I. A Few Throw Pillows For the Bed or Reading Chair

One of the advantages of writing a blog about decor is you feel a real sense of obligation to test the products. So, in an effort to provide the best service possible, I ordered all of these! You are welcome. As I was scoping out the options online and in stores, I couldn’t help but notice how expensive some of the choices were and how hideous some of them were. Seriously. Not only are these neutral or subtle in color palates, they are elegant, fun, and priced right!

DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Pillow Cover Tree

This first pillow is actually a pillow cover and while it does include the orange and black I warned of, the art itself is simple, clean, and unobtrusive. And the best part? It is $1.40. Yes, you read that correctly! Yes, it is less than a pumpkin spice latte or an hour’s wages to rake leaves!

I try not to buy fall decor that is geared towards Halloween or Thanksgiving specifically. It just gets too confusing and is too much to do in such a short period of time. I will put a few things up for Halloween for the kids but if I am investing in something to use from year to year, I think it is more cost effective to stay with leaves, fall colors, pumpkins, acorns, and the words fall and autumn.

This second pillow incorporates the letter and quotation rage that is in vogue now and the neutrality of the soft burlap and dark wording would work in any spot but would look particularly nice in the middle of a bed or sitting solo in a reading chair.DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Pillow Cover

And at 8.99, you could buy a few of these, tie a big orange burlap bow around each one with a Starbucks gift card attached, and have the perfect teacher’s gift or hostess gift! (Note: we give teacher gifts right before the Thanksgiving break and it’s a huge hit and never gets lost in the sea of other gifts!)

This next pillow is one of the few that I found that you can actually order in different sizes. While it is a little pricey compared to the others, it is so different that I just had to include it. And really, the price point is reasonable for what you get. Even the largest pillow, the European sham, is just $35.00.

DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Pillow

How classic and sophisticated would your bed look with two of those propped against the headboard? You wouldn’t need any other seasonal decorations in the room!

These next three little cuties aren’t really pillows but they are so soft and fun, I decided to “leave” them in here (a little more fall humor). All three are 18.00 and are handmade from an Etsy designer. I have no idea where I am going to put mine, but they would look great at either side of a mantle ( buy two sets if that sounds like an option for you), tossed in a bowl, or in the middle of a bed. I can’t wait to squish them!

DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Knit Pumpkins

III. A Touch of Foliage in a Birch Vase on Top of a Plaid Fabric: One for Each Bedside Table

DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Acorn Stem DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Plaid End Table Accent Dream Fill Fall Bedroom Vase DreamFit Blog Fall Berry Stem

(or on either side of mantle or one in the middle of a dresser)

When I recommended staying away from tacky fake flowers and greenery, I was not talking about sprigs like this! Both of these bring the natural elements inside while staying minimal, clean, and sophisticated. No worries of allergies, dust, or grandma’s plastic flowers. Both of these provide beautiful colors and you could use both in one vase or buy two sprigs of the same foliage for two separate vases.

While you could use certainly use two similar vases you already have, these vases have a great rustic vibe to them and with the personalization, you have now added a unique element that keeps your bedroom from looking too “showroom” (my pet peeve).

I actually have these vases and mine say “J+D” instead of our last name, but I love both options.

(Note: I use mine year round changing out the sprigs with snow dipped branches for the winter and forsythia in the spring. They are lightweight, unbreakable-trust me, and a perfect size for a bedside table. )

These soft plaid Target placemats look great with the warm colors of the flowers and the light birch in the vases.

(Note: If I were using a plaid throw at the foot of my bed, I would NOT use the placemats. You now have too much going on as they say. One plaid pattern is enough.)

IV. Pumpkin Topiaries or a Monogrammed Pumpkin

DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom White Topiary DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Topiary Directions DreamFit Blog Fall Bedroom Monogram for Pumpkin

Pumpkin topiaries have been around for awhile, and the look is still classic and perfect for one last bedroom pop of fall finesse. They are easy to make with a little bit of McGyver skills, a hot glue gun, and some strong scissors.

I have included a great link below providing instructions on how to go about making the topiaries, but as someone who is still reaping the benefits of her twelve year old pumpkin topiaries, it isn’t too complicated and worth the time and cost.

Basic Topiary Directions:

  • Take three pumpkins in three different sizes- s,m,l. Each of the pumpkins should sit flat and have nice stems.
  • Take the bottom of the middle pumpkin and cut a hole that will essential fit the stem of the bottom pumpkin (like a puzzle piece) and match up exactly where it will sit.
  • Slather as much hot glue as you can possibly use on the bottom of the middle pumpkin and the top of the bottom pumpkin.
  • Quickly piece the middle pumpkin on top of bottom pumpkin so that it “fits” snugly.
  • Repeat the same thing to the top pumpkin (but leave its stem obviously). I have had to reapply the hot glue a couple of times, but I really have had them for twelve years!

One of the great ideas that the link suggests is to look for pumpkins at the dollar store and spray paint them in white (wouldn’t they be sweet in pink or blue for a nursery?!).

If making a topiary sounds like too much or you don’t have the proper place for the height, consider this 8.99 monogram for a faux pumpkin. You could put one on either side of the bed with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “His” and “Hers.” Be creative!

While we at DreamFit want you to sleep snug as a bug in a rug regardless of the season, we can’t help but hope you can cuddle up this fall with this simple, affordable, and delightful autumn decor!
DreamFit Blog Fall Decor

Information and Links For Products Shown

  1. Gray Plaid Throws at the End of the Bed ($29.99)

  1. Blue Plaid Throws at the End of the Bed ($29.99)

  1. Fall Tree Pillow Cover ($1.40) 18×18
  1. Pumpkin Spice Pillow Cover ($8.99)
  1. Soft Blue Fall Pillow ($20-35.00)
  1. Three Knit Pumpkins ($18.00)

  1. Acorn Branch ($9.95)

  1. Berry Branch ($7.95)

  1. Personalized Birch Vases ($22.00)

  1. End Table Accents (Placemats!) ($4.99)

  1. White Topiary Photo
  1. Directions on How to Make a Pumpkin Topiary

  1. Monogram for Pumpkin ($8.00)

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