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How to Find the Best Pillow For You

Ready to get serious about sleep? Then it might be time for you to end your relationship with that old pillow and make a new commitment. In this month’s blog, we share some valuable information that will help you find the best pillow. From measuring the right level of support to discovering our cooling pillow fabrics and inserts, DreamFit pillows are customizable for every type of sleeper.

What Is an Adjustable Pillow?

Modern sleepers are becoming more aware of the impact sleep has on our daily lives, whether it’s good or bad. One truth about sleep is that it is different for everyone. We all have different needs and preferences when it comes to our mattress, sheets, and pillows. We have uncovered a lack of customization in the bedding industry (particularly with pillows), and we offer our line of pillows to cater to EVERYONE’S specific sleeping experience!

Most of the pillows in our American-crafted collection are stuffed with up to four individually encased inserts of varying degrees of fill that can be added or removed from the cover. This customization gives you options of pillow height, thickness, and support! Not only is the support level of your DreamFit pillow customizable, cooling capabilities exists in our pillows as well! Imagine the feeling of the cool side of your pillow lasting all night long!

Combining the various levels of support with our advanced cooling technologies, you may be wondering how to choose the right pillow! Here are a few tips from our bedding experts to find a pillow you love:

1. Choose the Pillow Support

Deciding on the perfect pillow for your sleeping habits has never been easier! Our pillows come in a variety of adjustment possibilities so that you can get the perfect level of comfort and support specific to YOUR needs – rather than rolling the dice on a mass-produced pillow. Our Quattro Pillow is our best-seller and includes four inserts for maximize customization. Our Trio Pillow provides three inserts and offers both a plush and firm feel. Our Duo Pillow comes with two removable inserts and is perfect as a “flip” option.
For the ultimate support night after night, opt for our Max Pillow. This option provides consistent comfort and support for your head. Equipped with a 6-inch vertically ventilated memory foam core, our Max Pillow gives you rest without sweat! For simple sleepers looking for the softest, plushiest pillow around, sink your head into our Solo Pillow.

With removable inserts, high-quality materials, advanced cooling features, and moisture management capabilities you can finally achieve the perfect balance between support and comfort with a DreamFit pillow. Start exploring our pillow collection now – because a pillow holds the power of an amazing night's rest!

2. Benefits of a Cooling Pillow

Now that you’ve chosen the right support and height from your adjustable pillow, let’s explore the cooling technologies. Ready to get chill? DreamFit's got your back - and your head! We offer a variety of incredible cooling technologies in our adjustable pillows, bed sheets and mattress protectors. Our technologies include StaKool™ and StaDry™ and are an awakening for the bedding industry. Between the high-powered heat regulation found in our DreamChill™ collection, to the balance and relief found in our DreamCool™ collection, all the way down to the light coolness and the serene comfort of our DreamComfort™ line - you’re sure to find just what you need for maximizing those ZZZs!

Next, you should choose your level of desired cooling. Our DreamChill™ Pillow Collection is the best for hot, sweaty sleepers. With StaKool™ and StaDry™ technologies, you can say “goodbye” to excessive body heat and moisture while you reclaim your right to deeper sleep! Our mineral technology helps keep your temperature regulated throughout the night for much needed relief from perspiration or night sweats.
The DreamCool™ Pillow Collection is perfect for those who sleep a little too hot at night, but may not need the maximum cooling effects of our DreamChill™ collection. Proper temperature regulation is what these sleepers will find in the DreamCool™ pillow collection. Get ready for a cooler, cleaner, and healthy night of rest with a blend of skin-friendly eucalyptus and our StaDry™ fabric technology which captures, moves, and releases moisture away from your head. Truly a revolutionary design! For sleepers who are looking for the ultimate pillow to sink their head into, pick from our DreamComfort™ Pillow Collection.

3. Our Best Selling Pillow for Any Sleeper

An adjustable pillow offers customization, performance, and complete piece-of-mind. Add our Quattro Adjustable Pillow to your nightly sleep ritual. With four removable inserts, you can find the best level of support for your neck and head - even if those needs change over time! The Quattro Pillow comes with two low profile MemoryFiber™ inserts, one moderate profile MemoryFiber™ insert, and one high profile MemoryFiber™ insert. Whether you're looking for a gentle hint of cushion or want that extra lofty feel, this adjustable pillow provides four perfectly plush levels to choose from. Easily remove and rearrange the MemoryFiber™ inserts until you find your favorite comfort level!

If you are a sweaty sleeper that constantly wakes up to kick off the blanket or to flip your pillow to the cooler side, your dream pillow is our best-seller, the DreamChill™ Quattro Pillow. If you are looking for the range of customization in a pillow with refreshing effects, our DreamCool™ Quattro Pillow is your perfect fit. Our DreamComfort™ Quattro Pillow features an ultra soft 100% brushed microfiber cover for soft comfort, and features our StaDry™ moisture moving technology.

Each of our pillows include a removable cover to make it easy for washing. Keeping your pillow clean can help with allergies and lead to better sleep! From the right support, height, and cooling ability of your pillow, you can finally get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Our adjustable pillows offer cooling covers that help eliminate those night neack sweats.

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