Five Simple Fourth of July DIY Home Decorations

Five Simple Fourth of July DIY Home Decorations

Posted by John Daniel on

One of the best parts of putting together a batch of July 4th household decorations is you can use them for Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, and Election Day as well. So while we typically have more Halloween and Christmas decorations than any other, this “Grand Ole Grouping” can be used much more than you might think. 1) Dollar Store Small Flags One twenty dollar bill spent on these small flags can set the stage for a patriotic picture faster than almost any other decor item. Some of the many ways that you can use your twenty flags include:

  • Placing them on either side of your mantle into any pre-existing containers. Better yet, place two on either side of your mantle.
  • If you have a wreath or basket on your front door, add several flags to the mix.
  • Ferns or hanging baskets in the backyard or on the porch? Plant a couple of flags into each planter.

2) Recycle Red From Christmas or Valentine’s Day

  • I usually buy one really pretty bolt of red,white, and blue ribbon (or flag, stars or stripped ribbon) and then mix it with red that I already have from other holidays. You would be amazed at how patriotic your red Christmas bows look when you add some Stars and Stripes to the mix.

3) Blueberries, Strawberries or Rasberries, and Cool-Whip

  • Buy a cheap prepackaged frozen poundcake or slices of poundcake and quickly add a dollop of Cool-Whip and a couple of rows of blueberries (to represent stripes) and a few cut strawberries in the right spot (to represent stars), and voila~, your dessert just started whistling “Grand Ole’ Flag.”

4) A Staple Gun (or Hot Glue) and A Flag Few of us have flag poles anymore, but there is something beautiful about a flag hanging during this time period, so how can you hang a flag without a flagpole. Traditionally, flags were displayed on porches without flagpoles by hanging them over a porch or out of a window (as long as the flag does not touch the ground). This display can easily be done with a staple gun or hot glue applied to the top edges of the flag and can easily be removed and stored for the next red, white, and blue celebration. 5) Lawn Stars According the The Concrete Cottage, lawn stars take about thirty minutes MAX, do not kill the grass, and can be done with a large poster board stencil and three cans of, you guessed it, red, white, and blue spray paint. With a few simple affordable purchases, recycling some items you already have, and a couple of hours of preparation, you will be ready to watch the fireworks with your family in red, white, and blue style!

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