Degree 2 Fine Combed Cotton Sheet Set

Degree 2 Fine Combed Cotton Sheet Set

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Our fine combed cotton sheet set is naturally soft and breathable. The fine combing process results in a high-quality and durable yarn.


  • LUXURY SIZED - The flat sheet is oversized to provide ample room to tuck under the mattress.
  • DEEP POCKET - Our deep pocket sheets fit mattresses up to 22 inches thick.
  • CORNER BANDS - Our DreamFlex elastic corner bands are 4x wider and 20x stronger than the elastic used by most bedding makers. The corner bands grip the corners of your mattress. They are guaranteed to stay in place, even on adjustable beds.
  • 360 DEGREE ELASTIC - Our 360 degree elastic band tailors the fitted sheet to your mattress, guaranteeing a good fit without the "drum" effect.
  • COLOR-CODED CORNERS - Our FirstFit color-coded corner bands identify matching corners, so you put your sheets on correctly the first time.

Sheet sets include 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases. Twin and Twin XL sheet sets include 1 Pillowcase. Split sheet sets include 2 Fitted Sheets.

Customer Reviews

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Best design.Fabric needs work.

Loved the design.It fit my tempurpedic mattress well.However, after less than 1 year, they developed a tear.I feel they are way too expensive to last such a short time.Very disappointed.

Best sheets ever

These sheets are great.Soft, comfortable and REALLY stay on a extra dero mattress.I plan to replace all my sheets one set at the time.A little pricey but well worth the money.Highly recommend.

They are pricey for what you get

I have a regular mattress. It does have a slight plush top, but it’s definitely not the pillow top I just replaced. It’s actually not as deep as the last two mattresses I had.) I couldn’t find ANY fitted sheets that would fit on and stay on. I bought a set of those fitted sheet hooks they used to use before someone invented fitted sheets. They work beautifully, but they are a pain in the ars to put on. So I found these sheets and ordered them. When I pulled them out of the package, I was ANGRY. For the high cost, I thought the sheets would have more substance to them. They are paper thin. Well, they are actually thinner than paper. They feel like you could poke your finger right through them. The flat sheet is definitely not oversized. It doesn’t even fit on my full sized mattress. At least not to where I can tuck the sides under the mattress.

I’m using these sheets and they are easier to use than those clips I bought. The fitted stays on. However, the four sides don’t come anywhere close to fitting the mattress. I’m taking a HUGE chance and ordering the Degree 4 sheets, hoping they are thicker and bigger. I have a bad feeling they will be pretty much the same as the Degree 2 sheets. I hope I’m wrong!!