Adjustable Trio Pillow (3 Inserts)
with Washable Cover

The perfect compromise between memory foam and memory fiber.

The Ultimate Fusion of Comfort and Customization

Experience the best of both worlds with our Ajustable Trio Pillow, striking the perfect balance between memory foam and memory fiber. Tailor your sleep experience with three versatile inserts designed to cater to your unique comfort needs. 

This pillow includes one removable low profile MemoryFiber™ insert for a cloud-like, plush sensation, one removable mid profile MemoryFiber™ insert for an extra layer of cozy luxury, and one removable 3" vertically ventilated memory foam insert for superior cushioned support. 

Customization is at your fingertips - effortlessly remove or reposition inserts to achieve your desired pillow comfort and profile.

Elevate your sleeping experience even further by choosing between our DreamChill™, DreamCool™ and DreamComfort™ pillow covers:

DreamChill™: Experience a blissful night's sleep with our cooling technology, keeping your pillow refreshingly chilled throughout the night.

DreamCool™: Enjoy the soothing comfort of our Eucalyptus blended pillow cover, designed to regulate temperature for a cool and relaxing slumber.

DreamComfort™: Our ultra-soft removable 100% brushed microFiber cover provides a cozy touch and is easily removable for hassle-free washing. 

Discover the future of personalized sleep with DreamFit's Adjustable Trio Pillow - because your comfort is our priority. 

Small yet mighty zipper for easy wash

Our pillow structure boasts a small yet mighty zipper, designed with your convenience in mind. This unassuming feature makes maintaining the freshness and cleanliness of your pillow a breeze. With a simple unzip, you can effortlessly remove the cover for a quick and easy wash, ensuring that your pillow remains as inviting and hygienic as the day you brought it home. Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated cleaning routines and hello to a more comfortable and enjoyable sleep experience.

Crafted in our local plants scattered throughout the USA. 

We strive to manufacture and fill our pillows here in the US. We create job opportunities for locals in our community.