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Quality sheets

Expensive, but overall a great product

Not like they used to be

We have bought Dream Fit sheets the past 10 years. They fit better than any other sheet, are soft and also durable - last a long time. So there was no question on what type of sheets we were going to continue with. I immediately felt them and they weren’t soft so I thought I would wash them and they would be better. Not at all. I won’t be purchasing these again.

Love my sheets

Have been using these sheets for 6 years. They are wonderful. I would definitely recommend them!


For how much these sheets cost you would think they would be superior quality. Yes, they are SUPER soft and fit great. However, they only lasted about a year before the fitted sheet was worn through causing a big tear and maybe 18 months until the top sheet/comforter also ripped. If the sheets were sold separately I would have bought a replacement fitted sheet and gotten the comforter repaired but I’m not going to buy a whole new set when it’s only going to last a year. And I was so excited that I finally found soft sheets. Guess I will have to keep looking.

Best sheets to own

This is my third set only because I wanted a different color. I have had these sheets for over 3 years and wash them every week they still feel like they did when they were new. They do wrinkle some but that’s no bother to me. I do not like silky sheets which these are not, they have just enough softness to them. The reason for the four stars is the high cost but just can’t seem to find a comparable sheet anywhere else

Super comfortable!

These sheets are an incredible fabric to sleep on. They stay in the corners, and are very generous overall in the sizing. They have worked great on our motion bases.

Too slippery

Well made, Very comfortable sheets but a little too slippery for my taste. If you like silk sheets they are great. I have an adjustable bed and the sheets actually stay in place better than any others I’ve had in the past. I gave four stars only because they’re too slippery for me but if that doesn’t bother someone I would give them five stars

Ripped after three yearsFor the price I would have expected many more years

Comfortable while they lasted. Ripped a big hole after three years under normal where of 150 pound person. Warranty only covers a year even though the packaging said 200 washes. For the price I would have expected many more years

I never received my sheets and was charged for them

These are a dream to sleep on!

Best fitting sheets I have bought. They do stay on as claimed, and the comfort is amazing.

Degree 4 Egyptian Cotton sheet Set

This is my 2nd purchase of this sheet set and I absolutely am in love with them. It’s the first sheet set I’ve owned in years that stays on the corners. The built-in corner straps are lifesavers. Also, these sheets feel amazing on your skin!

Will be sending back have stain on one of the fitted sheets

Perfect for the motion activated bed

Love the sheets.

The best sheets

I’ve been using these sheets for years now and continue to buy more! Great quality. And so soft!!

6 micro tencel quilted sheet set

I really love these and paid for quality, I had my first set and within a couple months they ripped at the elastic area. I called & they did replace them, I appreciated the gesture but they aren’t the only sheets I use. I’m careful with them because to me they were and are an sheet on my side (we have cal-king split)ripped clear through it was so thin. For what I paid I’m not happy with what’s happened and with changing them out by not using them all the time because I do treasure them. Also the top sheet/quilt all but 2 of the parts that are sewn together have ripped on that whole quilted top. Like I said I love them but as a customer not happy with my whole sheet suddenly tearing due to inferior quality. The ones sent as a replacement and I was so so careful with I truly believe the material for the sheets have to be defective. Also the top sheet when I would use these sparingly because I paid so much for the set- to have this happen in round 2 I feel really like I’ve been cheated by the quality I was told I was paying for. So now I have something I used sparingly and still ended up with what feels to be either defective materials or maybe they just aren’t what I was told upon purchasing. So here I am 400 dollars into some gorgeous sheets but because I’ve had 2 bad experiences and I’m past the 1 yr. mark I’m just stuck with something I was so careful with and rarely used (didn’t even use on my husbands side) and now I have nothing to show for my precious splurge for myself but a sheet with a huge rip down the center of it. Also the quilt ripped away from the tacking and that’s with using them for literally every 3 months. Maybe I expected more but I sure didn’t think for 400 dollars And being replaced once within the year warranty that I’d end up with this. One sad customer that LOVES your product but feels really like I ended up with defective products twice. Why should I have to pay $400 to gamble If I get the quality I thought when I purc...

Love my sheets

Love my sheets i have the 6 degree 😍

Degree 3 Pima Cotton Split Sheet Set

I did notice that they are NOT as soft as my other set!! Pretty rough! Like sand paper , but they fit really well!!!

Degree 3 Pima Cotton Split Sheet Set

These are the BEST sheet EVER. Bought 1 set 9 years ago and I still love them as I did the first time I slept on them!!!

Second Set

Sheets are very nice. Not quite as soft as older version, but still quite nice! I’d recommend to anyone.

Love these sheets

I like the way these sheets feel.

Degree 3 Pima Cotton Split Head Sheet Set
Dream fit sheets second set

This set was a little rougher than the set I purchased at the bed store with my new bed. However, they are more sturdy. They are comfortable and no matter which "grade I buy" they are the best sheets ever. I plan to get another set soon.

King Sheets

the material is lovely but hey are still very snug and do not cover my mattress on the sides

Corner justed ripped

Had these sheets for about 6 months and the corner strap just busted.