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This is a fabulous pillow for side and back sleepers....however I tend to sleep on my stomach. I separated it like advertised and there isn’t enough of the two pieces to make an adequate cushion. Anyone find a good pillow for side and stomach sleepers? I’d love to know!

Love them

I love how the stay in place and they washed up nicely


Love my sheets

Great fit but not soft enough. Will go higher thread count next time.

Nice sheets

I like the fit because this is my second set. I thought I would try bamboo as I really like my cotton set.

Love these sheets

Very comfortable cool and soft, no pilling, fit well, silky feeling the best

DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Pillow Case Set of 2


So disappointed! Smelled so washed when I got them. Came out scratchy amd rough feeling. Wrinkled like crazy! So sad to have spent $300+ on two sets! Shouldn’t have bought them. Thought they’d be as good as the ones I got when we purchased our bed.

100% Eqyptian Cotton Sheets

The queen sheets I ordered fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I appreciate the 100% cotton fabric

DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Sheet Set

Just ok

I was so looking forward to receiving these sheets. I had slept on a friend's bed that had DreamFit sheets and was blown away by them, but these are not cooling and they're not nearly as soft as I was expecting. Not sure they were worth the price, unfortunately.


We love them so much we wear them out. We are on our 4th set of DreamFit sheets. We originally ordered them because the straps that hold the bottom sheet to the mattress keep the bottom sheet from sliding. We love the smooth softness of the sheets themselves.

I have ordered DreamFit sheets as gifts for my adult children; they love them also.

One of the most uncomfortable set of sheets

This was my third set of sheets. I loved my other 2 sets. I waited with anticipation, but It was all for naught. These pima sheets feel like sandpaper. It looks like I need to find a different company to get my sheets from.
When they were first taken out of the package they felt super soft. It was almost like there was a factory coating on the sheets to make them feel softer than they really are, because, after they were washed I couldn't believe how rough they were. I consulted the package they came in to make sure they were the right ones I bought. Unfortunately, everything was correct.
For the money, Dreamfit needs to have a return policy that backs up their products. I feel duped.

do not buy these...have issues

customer service is non helpful..was to received a call from a manger..no call now 2 plus weeks..credit card company attempting to resolve

DreamCool Pima Cotton Sheet Set

DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Sheet Set

Best Sheets Ever

I have been struggling to find sheets that fit our tall mattress and don't come off overnight. These are THE BEST! They stay put all night.

Best Fit Ever for Fitted Sheets

I first bought a set of these when I purchased a mattress, and was surprised how much better the fit is, With elastic on the sides and the extra long holders on the corners my sheets never come undone.

Gift! Don’t know yet!

We love Dreamfit, and have a set of bamboo sheets that are almost 10 years old—cool, soft and lovely as can be! Great product, can’t wait to try out the new ones!❤️

Best Sheets, EVER!!!

I love theses DreamFit sheets. The extra securing strap makes all the difference in holding these well made, comfy sheets in place. The deep pockets easily accommodate my mattress which is extremely deep. These sheets last and last. I’ve been using DreamFit sheets for years and ALWAYS return to this brand. I love this product!! My new mattress loves them too! ❤️

Not the same!

Not the same as they use to be, and cost a lot more
than they use to,

Awesome sheets

These sheets fit my sleep number split king like a glove. Lasts forever it seems. Love them.


I’m very happy with my new sheets. Love the ease of changing the bottom sheet. Replaced old set I had for many years I bought with mattresses.

Fantastic Deep Pockets

These sheets are so soft, cool, and comfortable. They are just the right size to fit my very deep Tempurpedic Queen bed. I highly recommend them.