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I love these sheets. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Bamboo sheets

The sheet set is a requested Christmas gift for my daughter. She loves these sheets! Therefore I will give them 5 stars!

Love it

Love the sheets


I loved my last set, but this new one is clearly thinner material and wrinkles a lot. Not what I was expecting. I want to buy another brand to replace these. Sorry for the poor review, but this is my experience unfortunately.

Dreamy Sheets

These sheets are really soft. Love the color coded straps to secure the fitted sheet in place. The cotton must make a difference in these bamboo sheets because they are much less wrinkled coming out the dryer than 100% bamboo sheets.

DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Pillow Case Set of 2

Love sheets

Love the sheets . Comfortable, love how they stay in place, the blue is a pretty color

Material is not the same

I have purchased 3 of these sets a few years ago and this one is very bad material! Not the same at all. I will not be purchasing again. Definitely NOT worth the money!

DreamFit review

Love these sheets. We received a set when we purchased our Temperpedic bed.

Enhanced dream fit sheets

Soft and durable

DreamChill Enhanced Bamboo Sheet Set

So soft

Pleasantly surprised! Didn’t know what to expect. Sheets are sheets, no? I think I slept on a cloud!

DreamComfort Mattress Protector

Finally sheets that fit!

Split Cal-king adjustable bed. Could not find sheets or mattress protectors that stayed on. Finally found sheets that fit! And top sheet is long enough as well. Good quality and worth the wait! Thank you!

Havent used them yet. Christmas present

Great sheets but you have to "wait for it"

Elastic on the corners keeps even the wiggly sleepers sheets on the mattress!
And the texture is soft & smooth, therefore , I'm a repeat customer.

Great sheets!

We love these sheets. This was our first time to ever buy them and they are incredible!

Knock offs

These aren’t the same sheets I have ordered twice before. I am very disappointed. These are scratchy, rough and are badly crinkled.

Perfect fit

Great sheets. Perfect fit for our adjustable beds.

Excellent Sheets for All Seasons

These sheets feel wonderful and keep you sleeping comfortably through all seasons, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

They fit perfect.

bamboo sheete

comparing them to dreamfit sheets purchased several years ago... I noticed they have slack in the width and require some tucking when making the bed. Otherwise, they fit well .

Just the Beginning

My mother had the Dreamfit sheets for her adjustable base bed. She had 2 sets and lasted for at least 10 years. My order was to replace one set that was well worn. I noticed there is now larger bands at the corner of the fitted sheets and not as deep sides. I will wait and see how they hold up.

Never received purchase despite calling and being promised it was just a bit delayed

I bought a $240 DreamChill Bamboo Sheet set. The website said orders usually ship within 2 weeks. After 2 weeks had passed and I hadn't heard any update about my order, I called customer service and the lady seemed confused about why I was concerned about my order. She told me it would ship by the end of the week. When I asked she why I never got an email informing me about the delay, she dismissively said that they just don't have time to do that....
Two weeks later, I got an auto-email asking me to review my recent purchase. It hasn't even shipped yet. This is ridiculous!

Fitted sheet

The fitted sheet fit my extra extra deep mattress.