100% Organic Percale Cotton Sheet Set

Say goodbye to synthetic and harmful chemicals in this sheet set.

Say goodbye to synthetic and harmful chemicals in this sheet set. Immerse yourself in pure comfort without compromise. Our 100% Organic Percale Cotton GOTS certified sheet set offers a luxurious, natural, and comforting experience.

It's a choice that not only prioritizes personal comfort but also reflects a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the production of bedding materials. Discover the secret to the DreamFit difference in unparalleled softness and durability.  

The Feel: Crisp and cool, exceptionally breathable, and grows even softer with each wash.
The Look: Lightweight with a subtle, soft drape.

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Why DreamFit?

For over 35 years, DreamFit has been trusted to provide premium bedding solutions to common issues that no other brand can solve. As the importance of a better night’s sleep continues to grow, DreamFit’s bedding and accessories are best positioned to satisfy every type of sleeper.Whether you’re presenting adjustable beds or traditional standard to thicker mattresses in your storefronts, we ask you to put your trust in DreamFit and allow us to help you provide your customers with the best solution – beginning on night #1.

Patented No-Slip Corner Bands

Enhanced with silicone provide the most secure fit on your bed, allowing you to never have to worry about the corner coming off in the middle of the night.

FirstFit Corner Bands

Our FirstFit Corner bands are color coded bands that easily help you identify the head and the foot of the sheet, allowing you to never have to worry about putting your fitted sheet on sideways. (You’re welcome.)

DreamFit 360 Elastic

Our DreamFit 360 elastic around the bottom of the fitted sheet allows for a more tailored and secure fit. Our fitted sheet elastics are 20X plus stronger than the industry standard.

Extra Wide Luxury Sizing

Our extra-long, extra wide luxury sizing enhances sleeping comfort allowing for a relaxed fit and plenty of length on your flat sheet to tuck in.

Handcrafted premium linen. Guaranteed to fit and stay on your mattress. 

Our sheets are guaranteed to fit and stay on your mattress, even if you sleep on an adjustable or split mattress. All DreamFit sheets and mattress protectors are luxury sized to provide a comfortable and conforming fit regardless of the thickness or flexibility of the mattress.

Crafted in our local plants scattered throughout the USA. 

We strive to manufacture most of our products here in the US and create job opportunities for locals in our community.

Hear from Real Dreamers

100% Organic Percale Cotton

Love the sheets
Saying goodbye to synthetic sheets was the best decision I made for my sleep sanctuary. It's not just about comfort; it's a commitment to my health. The softness is unmatched, and knowing it's made from the finest organic cotton threads gives me peace of mind. It's like sleeping in a cloud of eco-friendly luxury.

100% Organic Percale Cotton

Love my Dreanfit sheets!
I can't rave enough about the DreamFit Organic Cotton Sheet Set. The crisp and cool feel is a dream come true, and the fact that it's 100% organic cotton makes it even better. I love the corner bands and how they don't slip off my bed. 

100% Organic Percale Cotton

Best sheets ever.

100% Organic Percale Cotton

Aligning with my values
Finally found sheets that align with my values and deliver top-notch comfort – the DreamFit 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS certified sheet set is their best sheet set. The breathability is unparalleled, and the lightweight, soft drape gives my bed a touch of elegance. The fact that it gets softer with each wash is a testament to the quality of the organic cotton used. Comfort with a conscience – what more could you ask for?