Degree 1 Microfiber Sheet Set

Degree 1 Microfiber Sheet Set

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Our athletic-grade microfiber sheets wick away moisture and regulate body temperature to keep you comfortable. The fabric is wrinkle resistant and fast drying for easy laundering.


  • LUXURY SIZED - The flat sheet is oversized to provide ample room to tuck under the mattress.
  • DEEP POCKET - Our deep pocket sheets fit mattresses up to 22 inches thick.
  • CORNER BANDS - Our DreamFlex elastic corner bands are 4x wider and 20x stronger than the elastic used by most bedding makers. The corner bands grip the corners of your mattress. They are guaranteed to stay in place, even on adjustable beds.
  • 360 DEGREE ELASTIC - Our 360 degree elastic band tailors the fitted sheet to your mattress, guaranteeing a good fit without the "drum" effect.
  • COLOR-CODED CORNERS - Our FirstFit color-coded corner bands identify matching corners, so you put your sheets on correctly the first time.

Sheet sets include 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases. Twin and Twin XL sheet sets include 1 Pillowcase.

Customer Reviews

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Dream fit sheets

Love love love!! These are the best sheets for my adjustable bed, has straps and sheets never slip off like reg sheets. Sheets are soft and good quality!!

Microfiber contour sheet.

I’ve only had my micro fiber sheets about a month. I’m so disappointed. I love the fabric and they come out of the dryer fairly wrinkle free. I was so excited to receive them as I thought I was finally going to get a contour sheet that would fit and not slip up and off the mattress. Well, I got part of my wish. The sheet stayed on but not because of the corner bands. The sheet stayed on because it was at least 6 inches too big for my 14” mattress. The sheet is very wrinkled after you lay down for even a few minutes. If the elastic was tighter, maybe it would reduce the looseness of the sheet. I am a retired RN and know that laying on wrinkles is not good for the skin. I’m sending a picture to show how much material is loose after just putting the bottom sheet on. I would discourage anyone who likes a smooth sheet to buy something else. For $10.00, bedgarters can do the same thing as corner bands and can be adjusted to make sheet at least fit!!

love them

Received my set from mattress firm after buying a mattress set. Now want a second set only ones I will buy now.

best sheets ever

They are soft, they stay on the mattress! They come out of the wash good as new. I will never buy another brand.

Very nice and slate is a great color

I received this sheet set from Mattress Firm after purchasing a mattress set.The sheets are very soft and easy to put on as they have elastic bands in the corners so they fit deep mattresses.Very nice sheets.